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Sat, 17.12.2022 19.30 h

Ricky Kam

Something delicious for every taste

Four restaurants, three Head Chefs, one philosophy. Ivo Adam and his Chefs combine diverse styles under one roof – from the traditional to the exotic.



No, “Blunch” is not a typo. Blunch combines the relaxed feeling of Sunday brunch with the culinary experience of an extended lunch. Celebrate the end of each month with an uncomplicated visit to Casino Bern – complete with babysitting service and musical accompaniment.

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Our philosophy

Five restaurants, three chefs, one philosophy. Ivo Adam and his Chefs combine many styles under one roof. Choose from local leaf-to-root, uncomplicated French cuisine, or traditional Italian and authentic Japanese dishes.

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We create our menus according to the season and use only the best quality ingredients. We buy fresh vegetables and meat directly from the producer and put trust in our regional partners.

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Highlights at the Casino

Casino Bern